My Review on Sidney Sheldon’s ‘Tell Me Your Dreams’

Hey Friends, am back after a long time. My friends kept complaining about my absence from blogging. I wanted to get back blogging, desperately, as well. But I was on a holiday for a month and was stuck with a slow and bad internet connection. I promise that I will make it up for my absence with very interesting posts. In my month long vacation, I happened to read few very interesting books. One of those being Sidney Sheldon’s “Tell Me Your Dreams”. I had heard many a time before that the book is simply superb. I am really happy that I got an opportunity to read this book. I must make a mention here that the book was simply awesome. Never in my lifetime have I read any book within a day (I had never even given it a thought in my wildest dreams). And I finished the book in just a day (a real achievement for me). The book is irresistible. You will get an urge to know what happens next and you will surely go on and on until you finish it. I had read one of Sidney Sheldon’s novel The Best Laid Plans before. It was a good book but it wasn’t as thrilling as this one. This book grabs your time away unless you are done with it.
The book begins with the introduction of a girl, who happens to be our heroine. We are given a brief about her life. She is a simple sort of a girl working in a software company with a very famous father who is a doctor – a specialist. She is like any other girl busy with her life and work. But in between she always has a feeling that she is being watched and followed. Sometimes she tries to calm herself down that it is just a dream and nothing else but then she is always scared. She wants to approach police but she is scared as to how will she answer the queries put forth by the police because she has neither seen anyone inside her apartment nor has she been troubled by anyone. She starts living with her own fears. She gradually makes her fears a part and parcel of herself.
After being told about our heroine in the beginning we are then given an insight of her office, her boss and colleagues. The story is taken forward with the introduction of two other girls who work in the same software company as our heroine (one girl being nicknamed Bad girl by me and the other her mouthpiece). We get a fair picture of their routine as well. There is a juggle between the office and home of our heroine as well as her two colleagues. The bad girl doesn’t seem to like our heroine. She always keeps instigating the other girl against our poor heroine. The bad girl always keeps telling that our heroine has spoilt the entire environment as she is such a boring nut with a boring life. You will be left wondering why the heroine’s boring life will have an impact on the other girls. The answer to this is the main plot of the story so you will not get it initially. You need to go further into the book.
We are then taken into the past of our heroine. When in college, she was in love with a boy. Her father had strictly disapproved of it and had planned to send her away for further studies. Her boyfriend instantly makes an ‘elope plan’ for the following day.  She had waited for him in the railway station for hours together after running away from her house. But he didn’t turn up. So she had to leave for her further studies as planned by her father. With a lot of difficulty she had got over it. After that she had never given a serious thought about love in her life. Currently she is obsessed with the thought of being watched.
Then we get a detailed insight of our bad girl’s life. On a dull evening she feels left lonely and thus, gets into the habit of browsing on the net where she comes across different types of people. She becomes very friendly with a guy and somehow develops a liking for him.
Our third girl is different from the two. She engages herself in all sorts of charities on the weekend from which she derives pleasure. Apart from the charity work on weekends she is always found keeping to herself.
The main plot is just around! The girls keep wandering and (hold your breath) a series of murders keep happening. You are kept wondering as to who is the murderer. The story flows in such a way that you don’t get time to think about what is happening. By the time you digest the murders our heroine is back again with her nightmare. She telephones the police officer and finally tells him about having a feeling of being followed. He comes over to protect her at her apartment and gradually the suspense unwinds. ‘What a mind boggling story’. From then on you will be on a tour of flashbacks as to how the murders happened and who is the one who committed it. The story, thus, follows…. It is a spine thrilling novel. It will leave you cold with anguish and pain.
I must say that it is a really refreshing book. It surely takes your imagination away if you are a diehard mystery/ suspense fan. It is a must try book for everyone who loves reading.  After reading this particular book am sure you will go on to read each and every Sidney Sheldon Book. So what is stopping you, just go ahead and grab the book and just start off…….

Keep Smiling. . . . . .

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