My Review on Sidney Sheldon’s "Morning, Noon and Night"

Hey friends, here is wishing you all a very Happy Sunday… So what is cooking at your end? Pretty much I suppose. Here I am with another review. I wanted to post something different this time but this book has stopped me from doing it. Coming again from Sidney Sheldon, this book is completely different from his other books. After reading a few books of Sidney Sheldon, I can put forth that all his books are completely different from each other. The book is presented in three parts: Morning, Noon and Night. 
The story begins with the business magnet trying to hide from someone. Wherever he goes he finds that there is somebody following him, so he makes plans with the help of his bodyguard to escape. Running away from people who were following him, he finally boards his yacht along with his bodyguard. He is happy that he has escaped. But his bodyguard is not very much happy about it as the sea seems to be very violent. However, yielding to his boss’s pressure he gives away and boards along with him. In the midway,

there is a call that somebody’s overboard. The bodyguard rushes and finds that it’s none other than his boss. As the news makes a round, a large number of media persons gather. The news spreads like wildfire as the person who drowned was a high profile entrepreneur. As family, the man had just his three children as his wife had committed suicide long ago. Now, his eldest son is a high profile judge, daughter is a famous fashion designer and the youngest son was into the wrong path and now running his friends horses. The three of them don’t share a good bond and are strangers for each other as they went to boarding at different places as soon as their mother passed away and met only during their vacation. It would surely take a while for them to come down. So, the personal attorneys of the entrepreneur decide to bring the body of the deceased man over to his place. This is how the story unfolds.

The next part of the story focuses on the children of the deceased man. They all gather for the funeral of their father. The youngest son and the daughter are accompanied by their spouses (the eldest son being a divorcee). This line plays a role of great importance in the entire story. The D Day arrives. The funeral is conducted and then the attorney lands with the will and reads out that the property has to be equally divided amongst all his children. The attorney stresses on the point. The children are taken into the past of their father. They get to know that their father had an affair with their caretaker and she had got pregnant. He didn’t want her to have the child and so she had left the place. The attorney makes a mention that now the daughter can come and make a claim for the property. The main plot is around. Our heroine is none other than the daughter of the deceased man and the caretaker.
There happens to be lot confusion from then on. A girl lands claiming to be the daughter, to make sure the eldest son carries out various tests to ensure that she is not a fake. She is proved to be the real daughter. But, she is actually not. Then, where is the real daughter? How did the fake land? How was it that the tests failed to reveal the truth? These are few questions that pop in to your mind. The answer to your questions unveils the entire drama. The real daughter is far away, leading a very simple life. Being a hard worker she wins accolades from her bosses. She is completely unaware of who her father was. The moment she gets to know, she has the strong urge to go and meet her family, her sister and brothers (not for money, but for the sake of love and affection of the family). Her roommate forces her to go. She finally starts after a lot of hesitation.
Now, the set up here is entirely different. There was a girl who already came over as the daughter. So the family thinks she is a fake. She feels sad about what has happened and decides to go back. But, she finds her life in danger. The young partner of the attorneys of her father comes to her rescue and gives her shelter in his house. The life of the other three children turns out to be a big mess. The eldest son is in love with a guy, the fashion designer is being blackmailed and the youngest son is in to drugs. The young attorney starts getting a clear picture of everything that has happened since the death of the man. He unfolds the entire sequence of events.
The book promises a lot of suspense and lives up to it as the suspense unfolds one after the other slowly. Till the last page you will not know what is going to happen. This is something which makes you read the book with lot of enthusiasm. Like every other book of Sidney Sheldon, this book has a blend of everything. So, what’s the need to think twice! Just grab the book and relish it like a yummy dish…
See you soon with another interesting review….

My Review on Sidney Sheldon’s ‘Tell Me Your Dreams’

Hey Friends, am back after a long time. My friends kept complaining about my absence from blogging. I wanted to get back blogging, desperately, as well. But I was on a holiday for a month and was stuck with a slow and bad internet connection. I promise that I will make it up for my absence with very interesting posts. In my month long vacation, I happened to read few very interesting books. One of those being Sidney Sheldon’s “Tell Me Your Dreams”. I had heard many a time before that the book is simply superb. I am really happy that I got an opportunity to read this book. I must make a mention here that the book was simply awesome. Never in my lifetime have I read any book within a day (I had never even given it a thought in my wildest dreams). And I finished the book in just a day (a real achievement for me). The book is irresistible. You will get an urge to know what happens next and you will surely go on and on until you finish it. I had read one of Sidney Sheldon’s novel The Best Laid Plans before. It was a good book but it wasn’t as thrilling as this one. This book grabs your time away unless you are done with it.
The book begins with the introduction of a girl, who happens to be our heroine. We are given a brief about her life. She is a simple sort of a girl working in a software company with a very famous father who is a doctor – a specialist. She is like any other girl busy with her life and work. But in between she always has a feeling that she is being watched and followed. Sometimes she tries to calm herself down that it is just a dream and nothing else but then she is always scared. She wants to approach police but she is scared as to how will she answer the queries put forth by the police because she has neither seen anyone inside her apartment nor has she been troubled by anyone. She starts living with her own fears. She gradually makes her fears a part and parcel of herself.
After being told about our heroine in the beginning we are then given an insight of her office, her boss and colleagues. The story is taken forward with the introduction of two other girls who work in the same software company as our heroine (one girl being nicknamed Bad girl by me and the other her mouthpiece). We get a fair picture of their routine as well. There is a juggle between the office and home of our heroine as well as her two colleagues. The bad girl doesn’t seem to like our heroine. She always keeps instigating the other girl against our poor heroine. The bad girl always keeps telling that our heroine has spoilt the entire environment as she is such a boring nut with a boring life. You will be left wondering why the heroine’s boring life will have an impact on the other girls. The answer to this is the main plot of the story so you will not get it initially. You need to go further into the book.
We are then taken into the past of our heroine. When in college, she was in love with a boy. Her father had strictly disapproved of it and had planned to send her away for further studies. Her boyfriend instantly makes an ‘elope plan’ for the following day.  She had waited for him in the railway station for hours together after running away from her house. But he didn’t turn up. So she had to leave for her further studies as planned by her father. With a lot of difficulty she had got over it. After that she had never given a serious thought about love in her life. Currently she is obsessed with the thought of being watched.
Then we get a detailed insight of our bad girl’s life. On a dull evening she feels left lonely and thus, gets into the habit of browsing on the net where she comes across different types of people. She becomes very friendly with a guy and somehow develops a liking for him.
Our third girl is different from the two. She engages herself in all sorts of charities on the weekend from which she derives pleasure. Apart from the charity work on weekends she is always found keeping to herself.
The main plot is just around! The girls keep wandering and (hold your breath) a series of murders keep happening. You are kept wondering as to who is the murderer. The story flows in such a way that you don’t get time to think about what is happening. By the time you digest the murders our heroine is back again with her nightmare. She telephones the police officer and finally tells him about having a feeling of being followed. He comes over to protect her at her apartment and gradually the suspense unwinds. ‘What a mind boggling story’. From then on you will be on a tour of flashbacks as to how the murders happened and who is the one who committed it. The story, thus, follows…. It is a spine thrilling novel. It will leave you cold with anguish and pain.
I must say that it is a really refreshing book. It surely takes your imagination away if you are a diehard mystery/ suspense fan. It is a must try book for everyone who loves reading.  After reading this particular book am sure you will go on to read each and every Sidney Sheldon Book. So what is stopping you, just go ahead and grab the book and just start off…….

Keep Smiling. . . . . .