My Review on Arthur hailey’s ‘The Final Diagnosis’

Hello Friends!! Here I am, after quite a long time… Sorry for the long time gap wonderful people…
So how is life going on? Pretty fast and good I suppose.. With the IPL 6 going on there are too many things for me to handle at the moment. So there has been a delay in my return to the blog.
I just visited my blog after a long time and felt really nice and more than happy to see many page views and comments from not only my circle but also others who happen to have interest in blogging. Keep visiting again and again coz I promise to make it interesting..

Hmmm this week I come back with the review of a wonderful book I read recently, Arthur Hailey’s ‘The Final Diagnosis’. It is one such novel that gives you the entire picture of a Hospital and its administration. It is not just about the hospital, doctors, patients, surgeries and so on. It is much more than that. Initially I didn’t want to give this novel a try because I knew it was something related to hospital (I’m little averse to science and subjects related to it). After making up my mind I decided I will give it a try (Am really happy that I went for it). As I had mentioned in one of my posts earlier, there is no doubt about Hailey’s writing skills. The flow is simply awesome. There are many such instances where you don’t feel that you are reading a book. It just simply is as if you are touring inside a ‘real’ hospital and getting its insights. A Simply superb job, I must say. 
Coming to the storyline, it begins with the hustling bustling activities of a typical hospital. Hailey very slowly brings in the characters. The main plot revolves around the pathology lab of the hospital. But nowhere in the novel do you get that feeling of boredom. He brings out the difference of opinion that prevails in the pathology lab because of the generation gap. There is an old man as the head of pathology and few youngsters. Due to time lag in the reports being generated at the lab, the administrator of the hospital decides to bring in another doctor to the lab. The older man is not quite impressed by this idea. But since he has no other go he gives his nod to it. Once the young doctor is brought into the plot the generation gap comes in. Though there are no fights, there is a sort of difference of opinion. The young doctor, when he comes, is sort of arrogant types but then towards the end he is shown as a very mature and sympathetic person, who at times has a lot of sympathy for the senior pathologist. The writer gives us insights of how grave an error it could be on the part of the hospital and all the people concerned, if there is one wrong decision made. The twists and turns that take route in between are simply the ones we usually look forward to. There are few things in this novel which we cannot predict (which keeps you hooked on to it).
Anybody who is interested in reading books should go for this one. It is one such novel which is absolutely close to reality. We, being on the other side, always have the wrong notions about hospitals and its administration (if not all, some of us do have it). It makes us think for a while at least as to how difficult it is to manage the affairs of a hospital. It looks very simple and we always find ourselves harping about every minutest mistake that happens. But it’s only when we look at the other side, we are able to chalk out how difficult it is for them to handle varied people and varied set of activities at the same time.
So friends, give this book a try it’s simply superb and fantastic. It is a mix of love, arrogance, suspense, tragedy, emotional outbreaks and what not. I can’t even think of what else I can add to it, because it has everything.
So friends, have a great time and enjoy.
Will get back soon with another post which will be completely different from the ones I have posted till date..
Happy time folks
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