My Review on Arthur Hailey’s ‘The Money Changers’

Hey friends, am back with my post for this week. Before I begin with my post I mustacknowledge everybody who has encouraged me by reading ‘My First Post’ and giving me the feedback. Thank You so much guys….. Your encouragement and support is what I need to go forward in this world of blogging. 
After a lot of thought processing (which took almost a week) I’ve decided that I’ll continue with the topic ‘reading’ this week as well. But I would take it to the next level by giving my review on a book I read recently.  The book I’m referring to is Arthur Hailey’s “The Money Changers”. The author has to his credit apart from ‘The Money Changers’ few highly acclaimed books namely; Airport, In High Places, Hotel, Wheels, Overload, Strong Medicine and The Final Diagnosis.  The specialty of Arthur Hailey is that his books represent different fields of study. While Strong Medicine is about the Pharmaceutical industry, the Final Diagnosis is about Medical profession. The books just keep you hooked on.
‘The Money Changers’ is all about the Banking Industry. You get to learn a lot in the novel. Professionally, I could connect well with it, being a Chartered Accountant. But, irrespective of whichever profession you belong to, you would just love the way the story flows. It begins with the President of a Bank announcing about his illness and his forthcoming death. You are taken through the trauma the employees are in after the President’s announcement and at the same time the competition that takes off between two of the best people at the bank, who look at themselves as the successor. You are then introduced to a series of activities that happen within the bank like the embezzlement of funds and the credit card frauds. The story flows slowly with every character being introduced. It takes you through the life of each of the character in a very impressive way. You are taken on a journey where you don’t initially realize the pattern in which each character is inter- connected with one another. You slowly get acquainted with it. The flow is simply awesome, I felt. Continuing with the story, the person involved in the embezzlement is jailed in the process. Hailey very meticulously introduces you to the horrible life inside the four walls of the prison and the person’s realization of why the hell he committed such a fraud. 
In the next level, he takes you through the tragedy- the deterioration of the President’s health, followed by his death. The real competition within the bank, then takes off between the two contenders. In the midst of this, there is some point where you will realize who should be the real successor to the Late President. I better not give the details out, because it takes away the thrill! The book has everything that is expected in a fiction by the readers. It has thrill, suspense, plot and a very perfect flow of the story; there is fraud within the bank, followed by arrest, prison rape, realization, tragedy, competition, an element of love and everything that is expected of in a fiction (perfectly blended, I must say). Read it and experience the joy!!!
Initially, I felt a bit uncomfortable reading the book because of the numerous characters as I had never read any book so far with so many characters (There were times when I turned back to cross verify the character). But slowly, I got acquainted with the way Hailey has dealt with the characters. After reading the book, I now feel that I should read the other books of Hailey as soon as possible. He has done a pretty fantastic job. His books are surely, without any doubt, master pieces. If you get a chance to read his books please don’t hesitate, just grab one and start off….. You are sure to enjoy it.
Weekend has begun guys, so go ahead and have a blast…
Happy time guys!

14 thoughts on “My Review on Arthur Hailey’s ‘The Money Changers’

  1. Great job Vaishnavi!!!!!
    I enjoyed reading your post.
    I love reading, for sure i will read this book. Thanks for suggesting this book.

    And will be waiting for your next post 🙂

    Happy week end to you too

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