Golden Memories

Hi folks, hope the week has been kind to one and all!!! Am back this week, but I’ve come here a bit later than a week…  Thanks to my overloaded schedule. I didn’t find time to even think about what I’m supposed to blog this week. I asked all my friends, advice regarding the same. After collecting their opinions, here I am (with a mixture of all the topics they’ve given) with the topic of this week “Golden Memories”. It’s very natural for all of us to have memories…. Memories, however, turn out to begolden ones when you cherish every moment of it throughout your lifetime. So let me rush you through some of the memories of my life that I cherish.
Going back to my school days, (hmmm I don’t remember much though), but still am trying to bring in few of those moments.  Before I pen about some memorable events, I must mention one thing here, I was such a fussy kid (only in terms of going to school!!!) that my Mom along with my aunt used to come and sit in the kindergarten (that was my condition to attend class!!). When I stepped into normal school, things got even better. I had a new condition at hand. My condition was (so funny!!) that I will attend class only if my class teacher comes. I somehow liked my LKG teacher. I laugh at myself even to this day. I mean what a condition and above all such silly tantrums!! Somehow, slowly I made lot of friends and became normal (normal in the sense, started going to school without any condition but for myself!). OMG, I can imagine how my parents would have struggled all day long with me. For this reason I yearn to stay young forever (so that I can play some silly tantrums).
The best part of my High School is that it gave me good lot of friends, with whom I am still in touch even to this day. Our bonding in high school was that of fun, fight, teasing and what not, everything under the sun. But then, even now we share the thick bond of friendship though we don’t meet up as much, it’s been ages since we met. Here again, thanks to technology, we can still stay in touch in the virtual world. We’ve had our sets of tantrums back at high school as well but all of those being a little matured.
Moving on to My College Life! I had heard many people say that College Life is a Golden Life in one’s life. I experienced the exact feeling when I was myself into that best part of my life. Unlike my other High School buddies I took up Commerce in Plus One (they had opted for science). Though we were in different courses, we made it a point to catch up with each other at least during the lunch. I was really worried about what kind of people I’ll have in my class and stuff like that, because I wasn’t sure as to which of my school classmates had taken up Commerce. But the moment I entered the class I was happy because few of my classmates from high school were there. Though we were not that close in high school we were happy that at least we were not strangers. As we grow old, we always have this feeling of awkwardness when we go to some new place. It may not be happening to everyone, but I always feel awkward when I step into a new place/spot, etc.   It’s not something unusual I guess, but still why it should so happen. We all stepped into schools when we were just 2 or 3 years old. We were so young then to understand anything, we knew just our set of people at home, but still we had the guts to go and spend the maximum part of our day with people whom we didn’t even know before.  So, this awkwardness and all is nothing, it’s just in our mind. We have trained our mind that way. 
Getting back to where I left, college life was the starting of a new friendship for us. We had a base at high school itself, but the thing was we had never got an opportunity. We made a Gang of our own. The days turned into weeks and weeks into months, we were just done with our Plus Two. We had all moved to a new higher step, that being graduation. However, there was never a fear of getting into Graduation as such, because we were all moving together into the same college. Though our advancement to Degree College was with a tinge of new experience because all of us so far in our lives had studied only in Co- Education College and all of a sudden we were moving into a Women’s College for our Bachelor’s Degree. It’s only when I started off my college did I realize that being in a Women’s College was also FUN filled. Absolute FUN I must say!! I’ve had the best three years of my life at my degree college with my Gang. We were the awesome Backbenchers, I suppose. I don’t know how and why, all of a sudden I became absolutely active in degree. I participated in all possible extracurricular activities (had big time fun). As far I remember I’ve won most of the awards of my life in degree. Being a part of all the fun at college I enjoyed myself to the fullest ever possible and also made my family proud when I received a gold medal from the University of Mysore for securing second rank in B.Com. Drifting apart to our chosen areas after graduation was something very difficult. It happens with all. You need to be in that place to feel it, I must say. But still had a satisfaction that all of us have made such a strong bond that we will never loosen the strings of the bond. And so are we even to this day.
I had started pursuing Chartered Accountancy Course along with degree. As soon as I completed degree I got into article ship (or internship as most of us know). Here again, it was a new place and I knew I would have new colleagues. But, thanks to my then colleague and now my best friend for having made my life easy at work. I must also thank my sir for being helpful throughout. CA has given me wonderful friends too. I’ve met lots of people in this journey of my life too, with whom I share wonderful memories. The best part in this part of my life is having attended the 15 days management and communication skills course. It was something like a graduation after graduation for me. It was super fun to have met so many wonderful people from all parts of India.
Today after having achieved what I have wanted, I can bring out few of the lessons I have learnt in my life in brief:

  •        Patience is something what is needed for all of us. Wait patiently and life will one day bow down in front of you for your good. Try and try until you succeed in your endeavor.

  •        Whatever happens is for your good only. So don’t feel disappointed when you don’t get what you wanted. Something big and better is in store for you.

  •        Never ever do anything for the sake of others sacrificing your own likes, because in the end if you are not happy with what you have done, you will end up in the lurch from where there is no escape.

So friends though I came back a bit later this week to blog, my post for the week looks too lengthy ….. I have missed out so many things maybe, but my effort was to put in words my experiences and thank all the wonderful people who have made my journey of life so very exciting!
Have a long way to go….

My Review on Arthur Hailey’s ‘The Money Changers’

Hey friends, am back with my post for this week. Before I begin with my post I mustacknowledge everybody who has encouraged me by reading ‘My First Post’ and giving me the feedback. Thank You so much guys….. Your encouragement and support is what I need to go forward in this world of blogging. 
After a lot of thought processing (which took almost a week) I’ve decided that I’ll continue with the topic ‘reading’ this week as well. But I would take it to the next level by giving my review on a book I read recently.  The book I’m referring to is Arthur Hailey’s “The Money Changers”. The author has to his credit apart from ‘The Money Changers’ few highly acclaimed books namely; Airport, In High Places, Hotel, Wheels, Overload, Strong Medicine and The Final Diagnosis.  The specialty of Arthur Hailey is that his books represent different fields of study. While Strong Medicine is about the Pharmaceutical industry, the Final Diagnosis is about Medical profession. The books just keep you hooked on.
‘The Money Changers’ is all about the Banking Industry. You get to learn a lot in the novel. Professionally, I could connect well with it, being a Chartered Accountant. But, irrespective of whichever profession you belong to, you would just love the way the story flows. It begins with the President of a Bank announcing about his illness and his forthcoming death. You are taken through the trauma the employees are in after the President’s announcement and at the same time the competition that takes off between two of the best people at the bank, who look at themselves as the successor. You are then introduced to a series of activities that happen within the bank like the embezzlement of funds and the credit card frauds. The story flows slowly with every character being introduced. It takes you through the life of each of the character in a very impressive way. You are taken on a journey where you don’t initially realize the pattern in which each character is inter- connected with one another. You slowly get acquainted with it. The flow is simply awesome, I felt. Continuing with the story, the person involved in the embezzlement is jailed in the process. Hailey very meticulously introduces you to the horrible life inside the four walls of the prison and the person’s realization of why the hell he committed such a fraud. 
In the next level, he takes you through the tragedy- the deterioration of the President’s health, followed by his death. The real competition within the bank, then takes off between the two contenders. In the midst of this, there is some point where you will realize who should be the real successor to the Late President. I better not give the details out, because it takes away the thrill! The book has everything that is expected in a fiction by the readers. It has thrill, suspense, plot and a very perfect flow of the story; there is fraud within the bank, followed by arrest, prison rape, realization, tragedy, competition, an element of love and everything that is expected of in a fiction (perfectly blended, I must say). Read it and experience the joy!!!
Initially, I felt a bit uncomfortable reading the book because of the numerous characters as I had never read any book so far with so many characters (There were times when I turned back to cross verify the character). But slowly, I got acquainted with the way Hailey has dealt with the characters. After reading the book, I now feel that I should read the other books of Hailey as soon as possible. He has done a pretty fantastic job. His books are surely, without any doubt, master pieces. If you get a chance to read his books please don’t hesitate, just grab one and start off….. You are sure to enjoy it.
Weekend has begun guys, so go ahead and have a blast…
Happy time guys!