My First post

Here I come with my first post on My Space.
Going back down my memory lane, I don’t think I had ever imagined that I would become such an avid reader. I never had the patience to sit through reading a book few years ago. Thanks to my friend who introduced me to this world, it’s difficult for me, now, to get out of this peaceful world. Many people (like me before) may feel that reading a book is not their cup of tea. But I can assure you that it transports you to a completely new world, which you would never think of getting out of. This habit once developed is very difficult to get rid of. As Warren Buffet said “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” In fact, no one inside this world can ever think of bidding adieu.  
Another habit that is closely related to reading is ‘writing’. We, most of the times, hesitate to write because of the fear that we may go wrong. What’s the big deal! I mean, it’s OK if it’s wrong. I’ll share with you a quote of Arthur Hailey, a British/ Canadian Novelist. He has rightly said. “I set myself 600 words a day as a minimum output, regardless of the weather, my state of mind or if I’m sick or well. There must be 600 finished words-not almost right words.Absolutely true! Unless you try continuously and consistently it’s never possible to achieve anything. The same holds good with writing as well. It is not necessary that we begin with 100% right things. It’s really OK if we commit mistakes. It’s only when we commit mistakes that we learn. What matters most is our attempt.
You might wonder why is it that I’m speaking about writing here. I am here with this blog today solely because of my reading habit. So I must mention it, right? If it wasn’t for reading I wouldn’t have imagined blogging.  Reading makes you develop a creative mind and writing enhances your creativity.
So friends those of you who have never tried reading just give it a try! Start off your day with a small book. And you will get hooked to reading lifelong.
Happy reading time folks!