Adventures of Goaaa…

finalHi friends! I know, it is shocking to see me, time and again updating my blog, right? This time I will chase my laziness miles away from me and write whenever I can. I have promised my hubby that I will take my passion one step above my laziness, so, here I am! 😊 I believe that one must try till the end and not give up. So, I will try and try, until I succeed. Moreover, the Bullet Journal has helped me to a greater extent in planning and organising. It’s been about a week or ten days since I started using it, and believe me it has sorted so many tiny things for me and made my life easier.

IMG_1137This is not the first time I am writing about Goa. I have written about it last year as well. It might not make sense to people who haven’t gone to Goa, but, believe me, once you go and get the hang of the peace and serenity there, you will run back, like how we do. It feels so nice and rejuvenated. We make it a point to go to Goa once a year to unwind. We have found a hotel that is located well away from the crowd, in a residential area, which makes our holiday even more special, because the place is like a home away from home. I have dedicated a post to Jasminn by Mango in my blog. The hospitality at this place is something which I haven’t seen anywhere else.

This time we took a bus to Goa from Mysore. It was a super long journey. What I have to mention here is, one should never take a Paulo Travels bus. We have taken Neeta Travels before; it wasn’t too great, but it wasn’t this bad either! Everything seemed fine until we reached Bangalore. When the bus stopped at Paulo Travels office, they just randomly told us to get off the bus with our luggage and move to another bus. The bus was one size smaller than the previous one and there was lot of confusion with respect to seats, as the seat numbers were different from the ones allotted to us at the time of booking. So, with all the confusion we left Bangalore at say 9.30 pm. They did not stop for dinner until 10.30 pm. When we asked them, they told us they will, after going out of Bangalore City. At about 11.15 pm they stopped for dinner. I am sure, most of you will agree with me, 11.15 at night is not the time to have dinner. Everyone in the bus was angry. They did not stop at any proper place in the morning to freshen up. In fact, at about 7.30 am, when we were about to enter Goa, the guy just randomly said, ‘there is an open space for bathroom, whoever wants to go can go.’ Are you serious? You are asking a bus full of people especially women to go to an open area. I thought, they might be kidding, but unfortunately, they weren’t. I am going to report this anyways 😊 Somehow, we managed to reach by 10 am.

IMG_1184Apart from the great bus adventure, we had more adventures waiting for us. We wanted to relax completely on the first day. We wanted to take it easy. So, we randomly sprawled around trying to recover from the lonnnnnngggggggggg bus journey. The hotel has a shuttle to the beach every hour. After relaxing and making up for the lost sleep, we went to the beach in the shuttle at 5pm. The last shuttle back to the hotel was at 6pm. The shuttle was to the Betalbatim Beach. We did not want to be bound by the short time frame. So, we decided to walk back. It was a good half an hour walk. We spent about two hours in the beach. While Mayur went around clicking pictures of the beautiful sunset, I sat in one of the shacks and wrote. Probably, one of my stories coming up will have the plot I outlined in Goa. We left the beach at around 7 pm. I guess, it was a little late. Though, it is that way very safe in Goa, we were scared. The main thing that freaks you out there is that the roads are pitch black. No lights at all. Though it was a scary walk, we enjoyed it. I freak out faster than Mayur. I guess, it is natural. Being a girl and seeing how things are nowadays, I scared Mayur as well. After we reached safely we thought about the entire thing and laughed out loudly.

IMG_1178After an adventurous evening we wound up our day with a relaxed candle light dinner. The next day we decided to take it easy in the morning as well because it was too hot outside. We decided to go later in the evening. We had heard about the Sunset Beach before. We always thought all the beaches located near Betalbatim Beach are famous for sunset. We were, however, wrong. We realised on this visit that there is a beach called Sunset Beach, which is located next to Benaulim Beach. As I stated earlier, all these beaches are located next to each other. The Sunset Beach had a beauty of its own. It was very calm and silent. The sand was silvery and soft. It was absolutely empty. There were people, but on the other side. The side from which we got in, there was absolutely nothing. We loved it to the core. We walked in the water, hand in hand and just enjoyed the tranquillity and peace. It is at this beach that my husband clicked the picture of sunset through my eye! You can find that picture on his Instagram account . From there we went to Dominos for Dinner.

Both the beaches which I mentioned above, Betalbatim and Sunset are located near the hotel. The sunset is the same at both these places, since the beaches are located near each other. Betalbatim Beach has a lot of people especially foreigners, but Sunset Beach is quiet and has very few people. If you want a silent, be to yourself beach then Sunset Beach is the one.

If I continue writing, I might end up writing a book. So, I will stop it at this and get back with another post in two days summing up our Goa Adventures. Hope you enjoy reading this.


Note: I hold the Copyright to all the pictures published here.. The eye picture is clicked by Mayur and the rest are captured by me!


Oh yes, I am moving towards being organised!

imagesHi friends!! Let me tell you in the beginning itself that I am not a very organised person, though I always start off being organised and then it just goes off in a few days. Probably, I am very lazy to stay organised. I have tried many times and failed miserably. This time, however, I have made a pact that no matter what, I am going to stay organised. It makes life simpler and also you do not have the stress of losing things.

I have always had the craze for self -improvement books. Whenever I go to Crossword Bookstores I always end up reading a self-improvement book. Even after reading many self-improvement books, I don’t seem to have improved 😊. The book that actually made me think twice about being organised is ‘HOW TO BULLET PLAN’ by Rachel Wilkerson Miller. I love stationery and I love writing. This is one of the reasons why I picked up this book. I use about 5 diaries to record various things happening with me daily (yes, I agree I am insane, but I love stationery). So, whenever I travel, I have to carry these five diaries with me. This book changed the entire perspective of maintaining different diaries for me. In just one simple book, you can have everything you want. The thing that pushed me towards Bullet Journaling is that you can customise it the way you want. There are no restrictions at all. For me, starting off with my first Bullet Journaling is the first step towards being organised.

Once I started off with my Bullet Journal, I realised that being organised is not difficult. If you follow few simple things on a daily basis, believe me, your life will get sorted. I have started off with as simple a thing as tracking how much water I consume everyday (I do not drink water at all, unless or otherwise required). Now, updating my Water Tracker in my Journal makes me drink water. It may sound stupid, but it has made a difference to me. It has made me gradually move towards a healthier me and will, in turn, result in lesser medications and fewer hospital visits in the future.

This was just an example. Like the water tracker, I have included sleep tracker, a Selfcare Routine, a To-do list, Habit Tracker, list of things I love and hate, Gratitude Log, etc. Jotting down on a daily basis the various things that matter to me, will reduce the pressure on my brain (I might not have one, but, by chance, if there is one, then it would really do the job).

I don’t have to unnecessarily remember things. I can write it down and in turn, I can use the storage in my brain for other things. Writing down on a daily basis also gives you a little confidence because you know where you are headed to and you feel like you have little control over your life. I had a very good memory few years ago. In the past year or so, my memory has gone for a toss.  One of the reasons, probably, is I haven’t tried hard enough to get it back. A Bad Memory is one of the worst things to happen if you want to organise yourself. There have been instances where I have totally forgotten where my keys were and as a result I have ransacked the entire house in search of it.

Bullet Journaling has made me take my first step towards being organised. After I started off with it, I started realising that the things are falling in place slowly and I am sure I will one day get my super memory back. The only important thing that needs to be done is to shed your laziness and update your journal every night before going to sleep, so that there are no issues pending at the back of your mind, which will in turn would have given you a restless sleep. A disturbed sleep is the major cause for everything. If you get a restful sleep, then majority of your work is done. You will feel fresh and less lazy, which in turn leads to you being very organised.

Yeah, my sister might be laughing loudly, probably, falling off the chair/cot, but believe me Madhi, ‘you will see a new me’. Yes, I know I have made these statements every single day, but this time it is on a more serious note.  As I already stated earlier this is my first step towards self- improvement and in turn, getting organised, you will get to read more and more posts under this new segment ‘Self-Improvement’ from now on. I know, I am running for my life before my sister beats me up. See you soon..


Yay!! I am 5…

downloadHi friends… There’s double celebration today. This is my 100th post and on this day, 5 years ago I started blogging. I was waiting to give my 100th post today, so as to make it memorable. The reason I started blogging was my love for Writing. I know, nowadays I don’t write enough! I’m trying to get rid of my laziness and write more. I have succeeded to a certain extent. I have started off with another short story, which I hope to publish in the near future.

I have mentioned in my earlier posts that I never expected to reach any milestone in blogging. I loved writing and I wanted to express myself through words (people who know me well also know that I am a very talkative person). That was the time when I felt that blogging is the medium through which I can express myself. Initially, when I started, I did not even expect people to read it. Slowly and steadily I started noticing that people started reading my posts. The visitors on my blog increased by the day.

It was one February afternoon that I decided to start my blog and by evening I was ready with my blog page and My First Post, that was way back in 2013. I did not realise that time what was in store for me. Few months later I met Mayur (my husband) and something clicked and we were married within a year. What I did not know was, that my husband had read my blog post secretly and was very impressed by it. This made my blog very memorable for me. When I first started off, my blog was called My Space, but I changed it about a year ago. My husband helped me revamp my page to Vaishu’s Corner and designed it for me. Also, when I started off I was using blogspot , but after a year I changed to WordPress. I have been more than happy on WordPress.

Whenever I have been to family gatherings or wedding people have appreciated my blog. Of late, I know that I have been a disappointment to you all. I have not been blogging enough. My husband says that I have to respect my fans and write more. I will not make any promises like I have always made. I will make sure I make time for my blog and keep my fans happy. My family has been a great support in this for me, be it my parents, in- laws, sister or husband; everyone has supported me to do what I love, that is writing. I must in such a case give them happiness by writing more. So, friends, be ready to see me on your timelines more often with my blog posts.

I have, finally, decided that I will no more wait for free time to blog. I will make it my priority because not many people get the support to do what they love. When I have such a loving and supportive family and fans, I know I shouldn’t disappoint any of you.

Thank you so much for encouraging me till now and I hope to get the same encouragement in the future as well.

On the occasion of the fifth birthday of my blog I would like to share with you the post that is very close to my heart. It is the post which I wrote on my grand mom’s birthday way back in July 2015 (which happened to be a year after her death). I will share the link of the same so that you can re-read the post that means a lot to me.

See you soon..

Till then, Cheers!!!

Forever Jinxed with Electronics!!

imagesHi friends!! The title might make no sense at the outset, but believe me, it will make full sense once you finish reading the entire thing. I have always been jinxed with electronics/network. From the very first Motorola mobile I had to the latest laptop, somehow, I feel I am jinxed. Initially, with my basic Motorola Mobile, I assumed that the problem I had was due to the mobile being a basic one. I realised much later that it wasn’t the case. It was just me 😊

The basic mobile and the ones that followed had storage and network issues. I kept changing my mobile every year to somehow get rid of the space issue, but in vain. In a hurry to replace my phone, I always ended up buying something which always conked off after a while. I even ported to Vodafone, but you will realise later that it didn’t help much. My previous Samsung Mobile was very good until recently, when it started troubling me. I couldn’t have any of the apps on the phone since I faced acute shortage of space. I decided to put an end to it and went ahead and bought an Iphone. I thought by buying it I will somehow get rid of these issues, but no there was something else waiting in store for me. God was probably laughing at me when I was buying an Iphone as if to say, ‘See what it has in store for you.’ (insert evil laugh)

I have never been a great enthusiast of Iphone, but my husband has always been . . I decided to listen to him blindly. I did not have any problem in the beginning and everything was absolutely fine. I knew that it cannot be true. I was, in fact, sure that something big is in store for me, waiting for the right time and yes, I was right.

Since the phone couldn’t give me any trouble, the network decided to take over. I have had Vodafone network for years now. I have faced little trouble here and there, but it reached its peak in October. The phone never had network and it was impossible for anyone to reach me. I realised at that time that the Vodafone network had problems in our area, but that went on for a month. I placed complaints, but in vain. The Vodafone customer care gave a courtesy call in between and that was it. I decided to do something about it as it was impossible for me to handle it. I work from home and the months of November and December were crucial for me. I did not have means of access as my registered mobile number was not reachable half the time. If I had to make a call, I had to juggle it by putting it on airplane mode. It was getting too much for me. I used to have a lot of patience, but I lost it completely 😊

Finally, in January I decided to take it up seriously. One fine day, I called up Vodafone and yelled at them (I can yell at people left, right and centre when the need comes). They did not give me any positive help and that is when I decided to port out of Vodafone. After I put up the porting request I got numerous calls from Vodafone, but I ignored them all and decided to take the plunge to Jio. I had no idea about it, but yet decided to give it a try since my luck with Vodafone had run out. Touch wood, I am happy with Jio, but the fact that I am jinxed with electronics/network remains intact. There are smaller episodes of my 4G internet working at the speed of 2G sometimes, even now. The only thing I am happy about as I mentioned is that the episodes of slow internet are smaller and less frustrating than before.

Coming to my Laptop. Oh yeah, that is what I meant when I said, I am jinxed with electronics. My old laptop conked off about two and a half years ago because it was old. The new one I bought was fine in the beginning, but as always it now pops up a message every time saying shortage of space. It has popped up probably fifty times while I have been trying to write this article.

So, what do you want to say about this? Don’t you actually think that I am jinxed with electronics and the like? I really think I am and so does my husband, my sister and everyone around me. By reading this post you guys will be giving moral support to me to lead this jinxed electronics’ life.

I know, this was too much drama to handle, even by my standards.


Travel Diaries – My Experiences – Part I -London (..contd)

Hi friends!! Yeah, I know. I ditched all of you once again and went missing for months. I have been super busy, but I also know that, it is not an excuse to not blog and keep you guys in the waiting. I was involved in some work and then had a family wedding and so on. Whatever the excuse, I am back again to start off with where I left. In my last post I started sharing with you all my experience in London. This post and the posts to follow will be a continuation of my recent Europe trip. Please bear with me until I am done with my entire trip.

20170905_191211I had ended my last post with our visit to Tower of London. It was really amazing! From there we went to Covent Garden. It is truly a shopping, food and cultural destination of London. The place was so beautiful, I cannot explain it in words. Even camera cannot do justice to what your eyes can see at this place. It is a very colourful place. I will share a few photos of the same in this post. Neal’s Yard is located here. It is a very colourful place. We went in search of it as we had seen the pictures on the web and it looked really beautiful. Thanks to my sister (Oh yeah, she was the one who found this and believe me, she has a knack to find places that are hidden which are really picturesque). We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this. We, however, did not have much time at this place since we had to finish dinner and reach in time for our Night Bus Tour.

20170905_191636We enjoyed this place for about twenty minutes or so and then grabbed something for dinner at an eatery at Covent Garden and rushed to the tube. We made it to the Night Bus Tour on time. It was our second day in London and we were slowly getting used to the cold weather there. The open bus tour was an experience by itself. We were shivering in the cold and after about fifteen minutes or so, it started drizzling. The rain there was different from what we experience here. The droplets were tiny, the atmosphere was super cold but yet, you do not end up getting wet. It is very delicate.

The Night Bus Tour was very interesting. It left from the Green Park Bus Station. Piccadilly and it was a 90- minute tour. You get to see all the major attractions of London. It was quite informative as well. We got to see a very beautifully lit up London at night. We were happy that we took that. By the time we were done it was 10 pm. We took a tube back to our place and just plopped on the bed.

Our mornings there started off with some muesli and milk or some upma from the ready to eat stuff we carried. On day three, we started off with Buckingham Palace. It was an amazing experience. The palace is so huge, we walked and walked and then went on walking. We never got tired. There is something in the air abroad. The same walk in India would have tired me out like hell, but believe me, we were ready to walk for hours there, without getting tired. I still remember the ice cream we ate there. It was amazing.

20170906_093318From Buckingham palace we went to Westminster Abbey. We went around the entire place. It took us about an hour to go around. By that time, it was lunch time. We grabbed some sandwich outside Westminster Abbey for lunch and went on to St. Paul’s Cathedral. By the time we reached St. Paul’s Cathedral it was about 3.30 pm. They advised us not to get in as they were shutting in about an hour’s time. They told us that it would take more than an hour to go around the place. They advised us to come the next day. We decided to follow the advice. We sat in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral for about half an hour and then took a bus to London Bridge. We had booked the London Eye at 5:15 pm. We made it on time and our ride on London Eye was fun. It was a half an hour ride to reach the top and get back. It was so slow that at certain places we felt as if the Eye had stopped.

20170905_210330We did some shopping at the Souvenir Shop there and just went around the place walking. It was dusk time and it was really beautiful. We spent some time in a Café and then wandered around the place clicking billions of pictures for memory. We then decided to head back home since the next day was our Day Trip.

I think this much is sufficient in this post as it might get a little hard to digest. If I am allowed to go on, I might go on without stopping. For your own good folks, I will take your leave now and will see you soon.

Till then, Cheers!!!